Game of Seduction Blurb

He was so damn close now, so close that she could smell his scent. A cologne she didn't recognize permeated her sense of smell. It was woodsy. Sweet. Lord, he smelled so good. And for a split second of desire-encoded insanity, she nearly grabbed him by the shirt, yanking him in to her home, where she fucked the intense craving for him out of her system, right there on the plush, beige carpet of her living room. 
The smile already on Heath’s face widened, as if Jade’s mind was playing the images like a television screen for his viewing pleasure. He could read her as if she were nothing more than translucent paper. She just knew it.
And that smile? The way it affected her, she wondered if the man before her wasn’t part incubus. Logic told her no, but her reaction to him kicked logic in the ass, flipping it off for good measure.
Jade tried to open her mouth, following the order of her brain, but functionality seemed to disintegrate, as if she were born mute.
“You look hot.”
Three words out of his mouth, in that deep, sensual voice that caressed her entire body like warm silk, left her lascivious, her entire being prickled with carnal need. Jade’s mind couldn’t deduce anything past Heath’s voice to recognize the double entendre.
“Well, I’m…”
Heath laughed. “Maybe I could help cool you down.”
Jesus, is this man trying to kill me?
Simple comments that could be construed as so much more. And Jade had no idea how to respond.
Could I sound anymore an idiot? Pretty sure he doesn’t speak that language, either.
Heath stepped around her in to the foyer, grinning. “The A/C. I couldn’t help but notice, while outside, your unit wasn’t running. On a hot day like today, it made no sense. I was going to take a look at it when I noticed you upstairs, fanning yourself. Realized then something had to be wrong with it, so I came by to see if I could help you out. I’m pretty good with my hands, so they’re at your disposal.”
Yep, pretty sure he’s trying to kill me.
Aiming to buckle down the lewd comments inside her head, she exhaled, shutting the stained glass door behind them. “Oh, thank you. I appreciate the… uh… offer of your hands. Are you sure, though? You really don’t have to-”
Turning around, a smile readied on her face, Jade nearly collided with Heath. He was standing right behind her, practically body-to-body now. “Like I said, my hands are at your disposal.”
Self-control already fragile, Jade had to forcibly right herself, pulling from every bit of inner strength she could to keep from physically attacking Heath. Her brain told her to respond, for reasons other than composure. And had it been to herself, she could have obeyed. She had no problem forming the words as to what she wanted inside her own mind, but to speak them, especially to the person she wanted them from… Well, she felt incapacitated and fell short.
Jade always lacked the ability to voice what she wanted, which probably had a lot to do with the lack of spice in her sex life with Justin. He got on, got off, and then literally got off.
Leveled by seductive eyes, Jade was unable to do anything but stare back. Leaning his head down so that his lips were teasing the flesh of her ear, Heath whispered, “So, would you like the use of my hands, Jade?”

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