Game of Seduction is an Erotic novella, publishing January, 2013.

Game of Seduction Blurb

Heath Teller stood in front of his window nightly, as if he knew Jade Watkins was spying on him, purposely taunting her carnal desires. She craved the sight of him, secretly giving in to the demands of her body. But was it really secret? Maybe Heath knew from the start what Jade did behind the curtains of her room as she watched him. Maybe he liked it and wanted more. Maybe it was a game to him, the kind she was all too willing to play. Maybe, all along, it was his game of seduction.

Dark Passion is an Erotica/Romance novel, debuting in February, 2013.

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Téa Rogan, broken and self-destructive due to a past that will not release her from its grip, finds herself, while on a trip with her best friend, accosted by celebrities Mara Loughlin and Dylan St. John at their Michigan hotel.

It's only after Dylan searches Téa out that she realizes first impressions aren't always a solid affirmation of character. Underneath the gorgeous yet mysterious exterior seems to be a hidden pain that just might match her own.

Soon, they become entangled in an all consuming affair that neither can walk away from. Can two people from different sides of the tracks find love and healing together, or are they destined to end tragically?

ISBN-13: 978-1475170061
ISBN-10: 1475170068

The Blood Tempest is a YA/Paranormal/Romance with the first of the series set for publication in December 2013. It's also co-written by M.J. Tuzzolino.

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Samdon Cutter is a Sentinal, a vampire guardian appointed by the Fathers (the five leaders of their species and council). There isn't much room for protecting their race these days, not since humans discovered their existence hundreds of years ago, leading to the birth of an armistice between both races.
Vampires do not kill humans, though it would be easy to do if they chose. And the choice not to has no bearing over the fact that humans outnumber vampires in a ratio of 19:1.
Killing is simply forbidden and punishable by death in the form of a silver stake, encoded with a death curse by the Seer, that penetrates both hearts in the vampire body.
However, there are humans who are willing feeders, known as Blood Croppers, forced to wear a tattoo in the form of a barcode with a blood droplet beside it to identify them. The Croppers are what make up the blood supply.
One night, after leaving Blood Noir, a club owned by the Fathers, Samdon unintentionally finds a woman crying upon the balcony of her apartment. This woman is unlike anything he's come across before. She's a complete enigma... And she's human.
He finds himself watching over her nightly, even moves into her apartment building in order to learn more about her and why he feels so tethered to her. But a human/vampire relationship is not allowed. So, even though he comes to desire Dailynn Lancey, he can not have her.
Unfortunately, stopping himself from wanting her turns impossible the more time he spends with her. And soon, they fall in love.
Will their forbidden love stand strong in a world against them being together, or will they lose more than just each other?